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In many cases, the heirs don want the property and are highly motivated to sell. As the responsible party for the taxes, insurance and upkeep, they usually losing money on the property every month and are highly motivated to sell.

sellers the same way today as you did just a yea ago, you may be waiting and waiting for new deals.

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Although going to a REIA meeting was the last thing I really wanted to do that night, I was so glad I did.

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Nike T Shirts Basketball

The economy had started to turn around and there were simply not nearly enough new foreclosures, short sales and bank owned properties coming on the market to scoop up as there once were. Grabbing distressed properties was not as easy as it once was.

Plus my two daughters were heading back to school soon and I just felt like going home, grabbing a quick Nike T Shirts Basketball dinner with the family and then collapsing on the couch and watching some brainless TV with my girls.

Besieged at a REIA

2. Heirs

7 Simple Ways to Rejuvenate Your House Flip Dealflow

So I changed my approach so far, its working out pretty well.

No Excuses When Finding Deals

If they have tenants that are paying the rent, keeping the place clean and are not problem tenants, you as the new landlord can inherit these tenants and immediately have cash flow when you purchase the property.

When someone dies, the person assets are passed on to the heirs through a will. One of largest assets is typically the home of the deceased.

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Nike T Shirts Basketball

the heck are you guys finding all these properties right now? I looking in the same places you are but can find a single house to flip! eight properties under agreement and dozens more in the pipeline, the word in the local real estate circles had traveled fast.

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When we arrived, we were barely five steps into the room when I was besieged by no less than five people some whom I knew and some I didn all with the same basic questions:

If the homes ends up in private court, the court will assign someone to negotiate the sale of the home. This representative is often very willing to

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Of maybe the landlord just isn't making as much money as he once was and is highly motivated to sell. He may have bought in the wrong market, or maybe he just has bad tenants. Maybe its the upkeep is just way too much to keep up with. Who knows the reason the point is he wanting to sell now.

fact, exist. If you search for motivated

About five months ago, I realized my deal flow was starting to dry up and I wasn exactly sure why but I had my suspicions. I had fallen into a comfort zone of doing the same things I always done. The problem was I wasn getting the same results.

So here a short list of some good types of motivated sellers for you to look out for so you can keep your pipeline full and perhaps this list will help you to jump start your acquisition process as well.

We were doing things other people weren doing and word was getting around. I glanced at Bill with a sly smile of pride and started answering their questions as to just what we been doing.

1. The Frustrated Landlord

Frustrated landlords are some of the Nike Sweater Zip Up

It true that there just aren as many motivated sellers today as there were a few years ago they do in Nike Shorts Clearance

So I decided to shake things up, hire a full time acquisition manager, then a wholesaler and focus my business on acquisitions and finding motivated sellers. What I found is that just because there aren as many as there used Nike Pants Black

most highly motivated sellers in the market. If they have tenant lease agreements still in place, the landlord can evict the tenant at the end of their term. If the tenants are that will it can move them out of the property quickly as well.

to be just means that you need to be a little more creative than everyone else in finding them.

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In many cases, a landlord who has multiple properties may just be getting sick of the grind of having unruly tenants. Maybe they just want to get our of real estate altogether. God knows, I've had properties that fit this bill at times.

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Nike T Shirts Basketball

Just then, my acquisition manager Bill bounded into my office and blurted out: ready to go? looked up and replied, right there and started packing up my laptop to head to the REIA meeting across town.

Nike T Shirts Basketball

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