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with how the issue was resolved and the quality of the work conducted.

Nike T Shirts For Kids

Nike T Shirts For Kids

A Happy Tenant means fewer Headaches for a Landlord!

Nike T Shirts For Kids

2) If possible, always try to personally investigate before contacting a service provider.

Nike T Shirts For Kids

Nike T Shirts For Kids

3) Repairs that will cost over $350, get at least 2 quotes. Nothing is wrong with getting your regular handy man to take care of issues but getting quotes ensures that you get the best prices each time.

7) Have tenants pay a repair deductible each time they request a repair to be made. Tenants hate spending their own money so they will treat things with more care to avoid having to report the repair. Keep in mind the lease must contain this clause in order to enforce it.

5) Once a repair is made, personally (or have someone) inspect the repair followed by checking in with the tenant to ensure that they were happy Nike Men Socks

10) Conduct Property Inspections. We cannot express enough how important it is to conduct inspections. We have found that tenants seldom notify of repairs that are needed until we show up to conduct the inspections.

1) Log, take pictures (before and after) and make notes about each repair request received. Be sure to note when the request came in and when it was taken care of. This will be useful if a tenant attempts to take you to court claiming contrary to what happened.

Nike T Shirts For Kids

care about them and value their opinion.

8) Keep receipts for all work done. Use the receipts for tax preparation to ensure the maximum allowable deductions are claimed.

4) Be sure to address emergency issues quickly and efficiently.

Our main objective is to make our homeowners/ investors as much money as possible and save them as much as possible when conducting repairs.

Nike T Shirts For Kids

Nike T Shirts For Kids

6) When repairs are being conducted, ensure that someone over the age of 18 will be presentduring the repairs. If the vendor arrives and there is a minor present alone, it is wise to have them re schedule to come back when an adult is present. This relieves liability and avoids many bad scenarios.

9) If a tenant is repeatedly causing damage to the property, seek eviction before the damage escalates. Try to, "cut your losses early."

At KaZo Property management we embrace the understanding that keeping our tenants Nike T Shirts For Kids happy, makes for easier management and more profits for the property owner. This in turn makes our property owners very content.

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Nike T Shirts For Kids

10 Mistakes to avoid when conducting repairs to investment property

This is good for building good rapport with tenants. It shows them that you Nike Sportswear Parka Men's Down Jacket

Try to avoid any delay in getting the power turned back on in the home if there is an electrical issue in the heart of the winter. Failure to address safety related issues could have critical consequences

Nike T Shirts For Kids

Nike T Shirts For Kids

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