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and female athletes alike can be trained to "rewire" themselves and thus lower risks of knee injury. That's done through neuromuscular training, which involves supervised practice in improving agility, leg strength, and jump landing techniques for better knee joint stability.

"Given what we know in how useful it can be in reducing ACL tears, it's irresponsible of coaches and parents to not require athletes to undergo neuromuscular training," says DiNubile.

Nike Tracksuit Bottoms Boys

6. When the muscles around the kneecap, hip, and pelvis are strong, it keeps the knee stable and balanced, providing support by absorbing some of the stress exerted on the joint.

5. Overdoing it."You make gains in fitness when you work hard and Nike Tracksuit Bottoms Boys then allow your body to recover. You can't do a hard workout every day," Metzl says.

Nike Tracksuit Bottoms Boys

DiNubile stresses the importance of building the quadriceps and hamstring muscles, as well as proper strengthening of the body's core muscles, including the obliques, lower back muscles, and upper thigh.

Nike Tracksuit Bottoms Boys

These specialized techniques are effective in reducing risks of knee injury by almost one half, according to a 2010 review of seven neuromuscular training studies.

Nike Tracksuit Bottoms Boys

6 Ways to Cause Knee Damage and Ruin Your Knees

6 Ways to Ruin Your KneesExpert tips on how to avoid damaging your knees.4. Neglecting your ACL.

Nike Tracksuit Bottoms Boys

Be sure to include stretching exercises before and after working out. And follow hard training days with easy ones so your body can recover.

Piplica says she wishes she had been better educated about crosstraining activities for roller skaters, and what muscle groups they need to focus on to keep their knees healthy.

Nike Tracksuit Bottoms Boys

Nike Tracksuit Bottoms Boys

Nike Tracksuit Bottoms Boys

to injury or lowered performance.

also related to overtraining syndrome, a physiological and psychological condition among athletes in which they exceed their ability to perform and recover from physical exertion, often leading Nike Sweatpants Green

Nike Tracksuit Bottoms Boys

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Piplica recalls realizing just how weak some of her leg muscles were.

His favorite tool to help accomplish this strengthening is a Swiss medicine ball. Other exercises to try are knee extensions, hamstring curls, leg presses, and flexibility exercises.

He recommends that athletes of any age who play ACL risk prone sports should seek help from an athletic trainer or other trained professional to help avoid this debilitating injury.

A sudden increase in intensity or duration of exercise can cause overuse injuries from repetitive strain. Tendonitis and kneecap pain are common symptoms in the knee.

Nike Tracksuit Bottoms Boys

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Nike Tracksuit Bottoms Boys

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