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Nike Shorts Women Black

"They struggled through it," Dana Fox, an attorney for the Dodgers, said after the verdict. "Remember, after four days they had not found liability on the part of the defendants. That is quite telling, I think, in and of itself."

The jury agreed Wednesday, however, that the Dodgers security was inadequate, and the team was partly to blame for the attack.

However, the Stow case didn't necessarily have an industry wide effect, and any changes it brought in event Nike Shorts Women Black security were tiny compared to the massive overhaul that came a decade earlier after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

Nike Shorts Women Black

afraid to go to a game or you can't enjoy yourself."

Nike Shorts Women Black

"We'll make it work for him," said Stow's mother, Ann Stow.

Stow's father said his son probably wouldn't understand the details of the settlement that will give him about $14 million from the Dodgers, "but Bryan will know that he got some help today."

The Dodgers "did have a (security) plan but somewhere along the line that plan broke. And it needed to be fixed," juror Carlos Munoz said after Wednesday's verdict. "Hopefully we helped to fix it. . If you're going to own a stadium, do it right."

"If injuries like these can give rise to these types of damages, for minor league teams this can be a more significant amount," McCann said.

Nike Shorts Women Black

Experts testified that the former Northern California paramedic Stow will never work again and has suffered repeated strokes and seizures. They said he will require around the clock care.

14M to fan beaten at Dodger Stadium likely not a game

"For a major league team it's certainly a reminder that security is crucial," said Michael Nike Sb Shorts Mens

But sports law experts said the amount, not huge for major franchises valued at hundreds of millions of dollars, may not change the way they do business.

Nike Shorts Women Black

Nike Shorts Women Black

McCann, founding director of the Sports and Entertainment Law Institute at the University of New Hampshire.

The jury delivered its verdict in a Los Angeles courtroom after weeks of testimony about the assault after the opening day game in 2011 between the rival teams.

For one juror, the award to the 45 year old paramedic and San Francisco Giants fan who is now brain damaged sent a clear message about the need for better security at sporting events.

"What happened shouldn't have happened. We have to keep that in mind. But also for the fans coming to the ballpark, you need the proper security," he said. "It shouldn't be a situation where you're Nike Parka Coat

Stow's parents pronounced themselves satisfied with the jury's award even though it is less than half of what they had sought.

"He's not going to be 100 per cent, maybe for a long time, maybe never. What he gets is going to help him through now, and that's what he needs," Dave Stow said.

Stow was in the courtroom for part of the trial, his wheelchair positioned front and centre so jurors could see the ghastly scars on his head where his skull was temporarily removed during efforts to save his life.

Nike Shorts Women Black

McCann said it may have a bigger effect on smaller teams that don't have the kind of resources the Dodgers have.

Nike Shorts Women Black

Nike Shorts Women Black

In the wake of the attack, the Dodgers and Los Angele police made a series of concrete moves, increasing their security at games, including adding more patrols and undercover officers wearing rival team jerseys. San Francisco made similar moves.

Jurors determined that Stow suffered about $18 million in damages in the form of lost earnings, medical expenses and pain and mental suffering. The Dodgers must pay $13.9 million of that because while finding the team negligent, jurors assigned it only a portion of the responsibility for Stow's harm.

However, he added, "I don't think it's going to be a game changer in Nike Sweaters Kids

terms of how teams look at security."

The complicated civil case even threw jurors at one point, who announced last week that they were deadlocked. The judge ordered them to resume deliberations.

LOS ANGELES Three years after his savage beating at the hands of Los Angeles fans at Dodger Stadium drew attention to sporting event violence, Bryan Stow was awarded about $14 million when a jury found the team was negligent.

Stow's attackers shared the rest of the responsibility for Stow's harm, jurors determined. However, they weren't sued and so cannot be required to pay a share of the damages.

Lawyers for Stow claimed the team and former owner Frank McCourt failed to provide adequate security. In split decisions, jurors found that the Dodgers were negligent but absolved McCourt. In civil cases, only nine of 12 jurors must agree on the verdict.

Nike Shorts Women Black

In San Francisco, Giants manager Bruce Bochy said he was happy for the family that there was finally a verdict.

Nike Shorts Women Black

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