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have killed Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster Waldau), because of how drastically it altered his sense of self. After learning that his wife, Margaery, is totally cool with him getting his freak on with fellas as long as he also gets her pregnant, he meets with in the hopes of securing an alliance with Robb, only to be assassinated by a shadow demon conjured by his brother Nike Black Sweatpants Women

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Jaime Lannister hand

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Ned Stark

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Wise and noble Eddard Stark (Sean Bean) taught us early on that you simply can count on a character to survive any given season. There might still be a fragile peace in Westeros! Of course, he got drunk while hunting because his scheming wife Cersei orchestrated it. She really is the worst.

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Talisa Stark

Robb Stark beautiful wife Talisa (Oona Chaplin) was an intelligent and strong match for her husband not so small ego. But by marrying her, Robb broke an oath to wed one of the daughters of Lord Walder Frey, leading to Robb, his mother Catelyn and Talisa all being murdered during the Red Wedding. Unfortunately, she chose to spy on brothel baron Petyr Baelish, who turned her over to the sadistic King Joffrey to use for crossbow practice. Oh Ros, what were you thinking?A legend on the battlefield and, by the looks of it, in the sack (Jason Momoa) is a character we bring back in a heartbeat if we could. But felled by a festering wound and a witch spell, it was his death that ultimately forged Daenerys iron will and led to the birth of her dragons. R. Martin is famous for his ability to construct dense, enthralling worlds populated with complex, fascinating characters.

Wait, wait, we know what you going to say. can you be surprised when someone dies on this show? It all in the books! there are two types of Game of Thrones fans: those who have read George R. R. Martin A Song of Ice and Fire novels and thus have a good inkling of who will and won survive and those who haven We fall into the latter category.

10 'GoT' characters we miss the most

OK, not actually a character Nike Sportswear Womens Top in and of itself. But losing his hand may as well Nike Socks Ankle Length

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And while you book readin folks might have a deeper understanding of all the myriad characters that have paraded across the Seven Kingdoms, you never know the shared, real time experience of watching the Red Wedding unfold before your eyes and being shocked to your core. We, the TV watching masses, screamed in unison.

Whoever said it better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all was clearly not a Game of Thrones fan.

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Nike Sportswear Womens Top

Robb Stark

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As HBO sweeping fantasy series kicks off its long awaited fourth season Sunday, we become older, wiser and perhaps a bit hardened. Clearly, no one on Game of Thrones is safe. Get attached to a character, and they probably be stabbed, burned, beheaded or worse before the season is half over.

to have an answer yet.

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Stannis witchy girlfriend, Melisandre. So close!

As we brace ourselves for more death, drama and mind bending intrigue this season, here a look back at the 10 Game of Thrones characters whose loss we still haven quite got over. If for some reason you haven yet watched all three seasons and you still reading this far, there are dragon sized spoilers ahead.

What he is not famous for is speed. And that could become a major problem for the producers of Game of Thrones, the sprawling HBO fantasy series based on Martin books.

Ah yes, the stab heard the world. Last season Red Wedding saw the death of young, stalwart Robb (Richard Madden) as well as two others on this list at the hands (and knives and crossbow bolts) of Roose Bolton and Lord Walder Frey, so that they could secure an alliance with who else the Lannisters. Unfortunately, he poked the wrong stallion Daenerys new hubby gave Viserys the crown he so desperately craved by dumping molten gold onto his head. She couldn save them, though, and in a way her death was even more wrenching and shocking than Robb as she been the glue holding the Starks together.

As Game of Thrones kicks off Season 4, questions are already being raised about when and how the show will come to an end. And no one seems Nike Sweater With Zipper On Side

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